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Thanks to EVERYONE who has supported & purchased from our growing 
Black Owned Business, big LOVE.

Omii's Story:

Omii Hair believe the generation now have forgotten our forefathers, our grandmothers, our heritage and those who came before us. Our ancestors understood hardships and struggles, they got it right. They lived the best life that they could with the herbs and ingredients they had available.

Like most people I found it hard to make peace with my hair, I was never sure how to manage my natural hair, but when I did make peace with my hair I saw how beautiful our hair is. Our hair is emotion, our hair tells us who we are & where we’re coming from, our hair is powerful, our hair is our heritage. A heritage most of us have forgotten and disregarded but that we need in other to celebrate our beauty.

Omii Hair thrive to make a difference, selling the products, we use and love to our community has always been a passion of mine. From starting out by selling only a few products on online to rapidly expanding and having our own website, thank you to all the people that have invested in us already and helped Omii Hair to reach this stage.

We offer a wide range of your favourite natural hair products for anyone who loves their hair. Being in the hair care industry, we have the experience to know what products would work with all hair types and make a difference to our hair’s health. 

We have a variety of Brands and products to select from ranging from Mielle Organics, Camille Rose, Cantu, Shea Moisture, Gummy Wax, TGIN, PANTENE, CURLS and so many more; and are always adding more products.

This is a community we are going to build and we want to make sure that everyone who uses our online store, gets added benefits for shopping online with us.

# A Goddess is strong- and her hair should be too!

Our Ethos:

If you have hair and want to retain longer healthier hair, we have selected a range of the best products available on the market to help make your hair journey easier! You can check out our hair glossary & hair-type guide for useful information & tips we wish we knew sooner! 

We stand in support of the #BLM  movement and proudly promote the best Black Owned products in the market including: Camille Rose & Thank God is Natural TGIN products! For those wanting natural hair products that don't contain harsh chemicals  we've also kept you in mind and have got you covered. 

We are constantly looking to add more products. So you don't miss out on our updates & exclusive offers be sure to join our Omii Hair Community here

#I’m not my sister’s keeper #I am my sister.