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Cotton Satin Sleep Cap

Cotton Satin Sleep Cap

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As the name suggests, the Cotton Satin Sleep Cap is made of a blend of cotton and satin fabrics. The exact blend of cotton and satin may vary depending on the brand and specific product. Cotton is a natural fiber that is known for its softness, breathability, and moisture-absorbing properties, while satin is a type of weave that creates a smooth and shiny surface on one side of the fabric. The combination of cotton and satin in a Cotton Satin Sleep Cap provides a comfortable and soft texture that helps protect the hair from damage and breakage while sleeping.

  • Main fabric- Cotton
  • Lining- Satin

This Cotton Satin Sleep Cap can Unisex Sleep Cap -Can be worn as Turban Mujer, Chemo Hat Bonnet, Head Scarf, Hijab Turbans and hair loss/breakage/tangle and frizz prevention bonnet, also worn casual to cover that bad hair day.

Product is non-returnable for hygiene reasons

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