Guida al tipo di capelli

Type 1: Straight Hair 
The most sheen & resilient!

  • Type 1A hair: Fine, very thin & soft with a noticeable shine.
  • Type 1B hair: Medium-textured & has more body 
  • Type 1C hair: Most resistant to curling & relatively coarse.

Type 2: Wavy Hair 
Isn’t too oily/dry. 

  • Type 2A hair : Fine & thin. Easy to style -straightened or curled.
  • Type 2B hair: Naturally has waves that tend to adhere to the shape of your head.
  • Type 2C hair: Frizzes easily & fairly coarse.

 Type 3: Curly Hair 
Distinctive  “S” shaped curl pattern. 

  • Type 3A hair: Very shiny & loose curls.
  • Type 3B hair: Curls, ranging from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrew curls
  • Type 3C hair: Tight curls or coils that look like corkscrews.

 Type 4: Kinky Hair 
Tight coils/curls. Quite dry, wiry & fragile.

  • Type 4A hair: Full of tight coils.“S” pattern when stretched
  • Type 4B hair: Less defined pattern of curls more like a “Z” shape.
  • Type 4C hair: Coarse/fine hair. Shrinks >x4 hair length